2019 Mission Trip


Compassus and Living Hope joined together in an international exchange program in 2011. The organizations share a common calling, “a deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with the desire to relieve it” as well as core values. One element of the exchange program vision is Compassus sending company representatives on volunteer mission trips to work side-by-side with Living Hope carers and clinicians. An inaugural fact-finding and cultural immersion trip took place in 2012. In subsequent years, teams were scheduled with continued success and sharing of cultural and clinical exchanges. We are pleased to announce the plan for our 2019 mission trip.


What, why, who, when, where?


A group of colleagues from all levels of Compassus will accompany Living Hope Healthcare providers (hospice inpatient unit and community-based care) to impoverished townships. A representative from Living Hope and Travel Leaders will arrange all the logistics for our 2019 trip.


The Compassus team will have the opportunity to work alongside representatives from Living Hope as they provide hospice care. The team will not provide direct hands-on care but will participate in the management of care, share best practices and observe the local care management process.


Compassus sends a full IDT team, including physician, registered nurse, hospice aide, social worker, bereavement coordinator and chaplain. This year we are pleased to extend the trip invitation to Corporate and back office program colleagues as well. The Living Hope Committee will work with the previous team members to provide an orientation and introduction to the cultural and practical elements of the trip prior to departure.


The team will depart Saturday, August 10th and arrive in Cape Town on Sunday, August 11th. The team will work Monday through Friday, have a day to explore and visit the surrounding countryside on Saturday. The team will depart South Africa on Sunday, August 18th and return to the states on Monday, August 19th. Total flight time is 18 hours each way and usually connects through Amsterdam or England.


The mission trip takes place in Cape Town, South Africa. All immunizations, airfare, lodging, meals, and ground transportation are included in the price of the trip and paid by Compassus. All passport fees and elective expenses (e.g., souvenirs and incidentals) will be the responsibility of each participant.


Every participant must have a valid United States Passport before applying for the trip to be considered. If your passport is scheduled to expire, please renew it immediately. Renewal offices have been experiencing unprecedented surge for passport renewals requiring 3-6 week processing time.

Every participant must have the following immunizations to travel to South Africa: Hepatitis A, Tetanus, Full Polio, Measles/Mumps/Rubella, Chicken Pox and Typhoid.



Applications are due Friday, June 7.

Every applicant must upload a letter of recommendation from the Executive Director of their program. An Executive Director can recommend more than one person. For an Executive Director or Medical Director who has interest, a recommendation from the Divisional President is required. Corporate Office colleagues will need a recommendation from their department head. All parts of the application, including the letter of recommendation, must be completed to be considered.

Apply now!


For questions about the 2019 Living Hope Mission Trip, email LivingHope@compassus.com.